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Women of Influence

Women of Influence
Women of Influence
Today, there is a dearth of strong moral leadership that is rooted in biblical foundation in the world. This has created negative influence in our homes, schools, churches, governments, financial institutions, communities, towns, states, nations and continents. This has led to global deterioration, resulting in; economic recession, youth confusion, poverty, wars, diseases, breakdown of families, corruption, increase in crime, racism, tribalism, terrorism etc. All these inspite of the vast resources God has given to mankind.

The world is in dire need of people who will use their life, positions, gifts, possessions, experiences and attitudes to contribute more significantly than anything else to positively influence people and make this world a better place to live in, as God intends.

This book is about how you can become that person of influence. It gives many insights and shares dynamic biblical principles that have the power to change your life, and make you become an incredible influencer of your spouse, family, church, organization, community and hundreds of thousands of people around the world. You would be helping then to realize their God- given potentials and destinies.
In this book, Mrs Florence Popoola shows that influence is a spiritual thing. Negative influence bends people away from God and His word. Unholy anger, substance abuse, racism, sex abuse, chauvinism, pessimism, lack of faith, perfectionism, conditional love, pride, unforgiveness, gossip, immorality, workaholics are all bends away from the life of Christ and the word of God. All these must be nailed to the Cross to become a person of influence.

The author sets Jesus Christ before us as our ultimate and perfect model of positive influence. We have to take on Christ's life and character if we want to positively influence people for all eternity. Christ's character in us and through us gives us credibility in the market of influence. You become Christ to the people.

In addition, F.M. Popoola leads us to understand that for positive influence to be most effective, we must be intentional about it. Influence doesn't just happen. We must be intentional about our life, marriage, jobs, relationships, nation and continent. People like Daniel, Joseph, Esther, Paul, John Wesley, Marthin Luther, William Wilberforce who influenced their generation were intentional. Jesus Christ our Lord was intentional. Every person who wants to be an influencer for God must be intentional. Furthermore, the author unveils that you must not only be accessible but gain access to people to influence them. She teaches how to cultivate relationship with people in order to influence them.

Mrs Popoola brings to us the fact that good communication and positive influence go hand in hand. The importance of good stewardship of our talents, treasures and time to add value to others in helping them solve their problems is also very critical in influencing people around us. The author's life has greatly impacted my life more than anyone apart from Jesus Christ.

This book is a reflection of her practical lifestyle though we are still growing to become like Christ our Lord and King. Her life has been a great blessing to me in life and ministry. The Lord has used her to positively influence not only women but also men, young and old in our spiritual ministry.

This book, “A woman of influence” is not only for women because it is the will of God for every believer to become an agent of positive influence in the world. This book is a must for all leaders, secular and spiritual, single or married. I urge you to get your own copy and go on to impact others' lives for the glory of God.

Popoola Rahaman
General Overseer,
NTCM, Ilorin.

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