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Model: 34240
Broadly speaking, there are two traditions about divine healing in the Body of Christ. There is the conservative view, which generally believes that divine healing as a ministry has ceased since the time of the apostles, and may only occur today essentially by an indeterminate act of provide..
Brand: M.R. POPOOLA Model: 9787
By M. R. Popoola The importance of food to mankind cannot be over emphasized. Food has been provided freely for man to keep body and soul together, nourish it and protect it against some common diseases. However, not just any kind of food will produce this effect. To benefit..
Model: 3213
To put a curse on someone is to invoke or invite terrible negative occurrences into the life of another. This is usually done by wicked people with ocultic power personally or on contract either out of envy for the victim or to avenge an offence. There is also a curse attached to every law o..
Brand: F.M. POPOOLA Model: 3424
By F. M. Popoola A lot of people wander aimlessly through the planet earth (this world) not knowing where they arecoming from, where they are going or what they are here for. Such a life is a waste and brings frustrations, dissapointments and purposeless living. This series ..
Brand: F.M. POPOOLA Model: 7845
Fulfilling divine destiny is a must if we would be happy through life, enjoy God, please Him and reign with Him eternally.The previous series (Fulfilling Divine Destiny Part One)  started to deal with the purpose for our creation and what God has put in place to help us fulfill our destin..
Brand: F.M. POPOOLA Model: 3556
You are welcome to the fifth and last edition in the series of fulfilling divine destiny. I believe you have been blessed with the preceding four. If you have not got them, please do so. The first deals with the fact that we are not here on our own but created by God to fulfil a divine purpo..
Model: 75746
By F. M. Popoola Marriage, the coming together of a man and a woman in holy matrimony has been severely bastardized today and has disintegrated into something other than the intention of the Almighty God. The reason being majorly the ignorance of the parties going into or ..
Brand: F.M. POPOOLA Model: 5658
Marriage is not man's idea but God's. This wonderful union and relationship originated from Him as He discerned the importance of marriage over single living. This first basic social institution was intended by God to bring comfort, encouragement, excitement, joy and satisfaction to man. G..
Brand: F.M. POPOOLA Model: 9785
By F. M. PopoolaThis book is another provision for our spiritual pilgrimage to heaven. It is about living a life that honours the Lord in the world of fallen men who do not honour God. Even millions that call themselves by His name and pay some token respect to him will show how little God i..
Brand: F.M. POPOOLA Model: 34248
Today, there is a dearth of strong moral leadership that is rooted in biblical foundation in the world. This has created negative influence in our homes, schools, churches, governments, financial institutions, communities, towns, states, nations and continents. This has led to global deterio..
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