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Fulfilling Divine Destiny 2

Fulfilling Divine Destiny 2
Fulfilling Divine Destiny 2
Fulfilling divine destiny is a must if we would be happy through life, enjoy God, please Him and reign with Him eternally.

The previous series (Fulfilling Divine Destiny Part One)  started to deal with the purpose for our creation and what God has put in place to help us fulfill our destiny. We closed on the note that God instituted the church for us for this same purpose and so that we can have the priviledge to really know God, walk with Him and serve Him. The how of identifying the true church that will help us to fulfill destiny was the focus of the last few lessons.

A lot of people however go to church for what they would gain from God or the people of God. This new series (part two) deals with what God expects us to contribute to that living local assembly to which we belong. We are not meant to be liabilities but assets to God's church.

My prayer is that the Almighty God will grant you understanding, make you willing and grant you grace to apply these lessons to your life so that you can grow, Thereby, be transformed and rejoice the heart of God as you go on to fulfill your destiny.

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