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Food for Kingdom Champions

Food for Kingdom Champions
Food for Kingdom Champions

By M. R. Popoola

The importance of food to mankind cannot be over emphasized. Food has been provided freely for man to keep body and soul together, nourish it and protect it against some common diseases. However, not just any kind of food will produce this effect. To benefit maximally, food eaten must contain the required nutrients, that is, must be a balance diet.

Food for Kingdom Champions is not however natural food. It is a kind that not only protects against some common ailments but offers both protection and cure for all human ills whether physical, emotional or spiritual.

This food does not just heal sickness and provides good health; it gives safety and security from accidents and other natural disasters. It is a food that gives peace in the midst of storms and calamities, and makes the eater swim and float where others are sinking and drowning. It makes you walk in light in the midst of darkness.

This food, I am very sure everyone would want to buy it at any cost but guess what? It is offered free, no price tag attached! God Himself, the Father of all offers it, and Jesus the Son of the living God is that food. Listen to what He said when He came here in the flesh “… My Father giveth you the true bread from heaven. For the bread of God is He which cometh from heaven and giveth life on to the world. I am the bread of life” (Jn. 6:32, 33 and 35a).

As Jesus kept presenting Himself as the Bread of life to be eaten and live, not only for now but also for eternity, He drew anger and rejection from the Jews to the extent that many of His disciples also regarded if as a “hard saying” no one would want to hear (Jn. 6:48-60). In fact many of His disciples went back from following Him (Jn. 6:66).

This book “Food for Kingdom Champions” therefore may also seem hard for many, even of Christ's saints today like as of old. Some may interpret it to be cannibalism and tag it heresy but Jesus the Bread of life makes it clear that the eating is not physical but spiritual. It is simply having faith in Christ the Giver of life eternal and abundant. When He offered Himself to the disciples as the Bread and wine to be eaten regularly in remembrance of Him, He meant that they be conscious of what He did for them (the sacrifice of the body and blood on the cross) as often as they take the communion so they can benefit maximally from it.

Dearly beloved, as you go through this classic, do not be scared of the word/phrase “feed on Christ” or “eat the body of Christ”. It is a spiritual feast, meaning to cherish, meditate on, appropriate and enjoy the finished work of Calvary. Relax therefore and enjoy the sacred meal and you shall be nourished body, soul and spirit.

Happy reading.

Florence M. Popoola

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