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Women of Honour

Women of Honour
Women of Honour

By F. M. Popoola

This book is another provision for our spiritual pilgrimage to heaven. It is about living a life that honours the Lord in the world of fallen men who do not honour God. Even millions that call themselves by His name and pay some token respect to him will show how little God is really honoured among them by a simple test. They honour money, men, personal ambition, self, human love, friendship, reputations, family, denominations, earthly treasures, health, likes and dislikes above God. The proof is in the choices we make day after day throughout our lives.

The author has rightly stated that the life of honour begins with an encounter with the Almighty God who is exalted in dignity and honour. A life of honour is to labour to bring our total life at home, in the church and in the world into conformity with God's will. It is a lifestyle of labouring by faith to do everything we do to the glory of God. This will make you step out of the world's parade which dishonours God on daily basis and break from the world's system and order. God becomes central in everything you do.

The author Mrs. Florence Popoola is a woman I have lived with for many years as my wife, mother, friend, helper, counselor, and prayer partner. I have watched her under God grow spiritually and lead the Women Fellowship in New Testament Christian Mission International since her inception in 1982. She is a woman totally sold out to pleasing God and labouring to make Him known.

Reading and working through her book, “The Woman of Honour”, I could see clearly the virtues of the woman of honour reflected in her life at home, local church, among God's people in general and to the world. She models what she has written in this book by the grace of God. Her commitment to God and great leadership skill has endeared her to put her teachings in Women Outreaches into a book form to reach the wider family of God's people. The book is not only good for women but for all Christians.

Honouring God is a door to great treasures of grace. It is central to the life of God in the soul. A thousand minor problems will be solved at once. So, read this book carefully and prayerfully. Respond positively to the instructions you receive and you will be in the company of the saints who honour the Lord in life and ministry.

Moses Rahaman Popoola.
General Overseer, NTCM, Ilorin.

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