Pastor and Mrs M. R.Popoola

The founding General Overseer of New Testament Christian Mission International

Moses Rahaman Popoola is the founding General Overseer of New Testament Christian Mission International with headquarters in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria, West Africa. Founded in 1982, the ministry has steadily grown over the years with branch churches in cities, towns and villages in Nigeria and foreign countries by the grace of God.

A native of Omu-Aran in Kwara State, Nigeria, he was born into a very strong Muslim family. His grandfather was a notable Imam. They have a family mosque where they pray five times per day. He studied Arabic in his secondary education. He believed by his own righteousness and good works, he could earn and develop his relationship with God. So he grew up as a devoted Muslim.

The Unforgettable Spiritual Experience

Then in 1968, everything changed through the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ to him. Rahaman had an unforgettable spiritual experience that transformed his life forever. Under a deep hunger and thirst to know God, he prayed for salvation as he put his trust in the finished work of Christ. His heart was set aglow spiritually and flooded with the presence of God. He felt overwhelmed and consumed by the love of God. It was as if heaven literarily came down unto his heart. The entire creation looked heavenly and glorious. It was as if he was in a new world. God became so real to him. He could talk to God and could hear God talk to him through his spirit. He has never remained the same.

He later received the Holy Ghost Baptism accompanied with speaking in tongues. This changed his prayer life and understanding of the word of God. A deep passion for God and lost humanity was shed abroad in his heart by the Holy Spirit. He suffered a lot of persecution and was rejected and disowned by his family for over 35 years. However, during these years, he had several divine encounters with Christ. Among them is the March 1975 experience in which the Lord appeared to him while he was in the University and called him to take the gospel of grace to the world. By divine appointment, he met Florence in the year 1975 and they married in 1979. Together they began to seek the Lord intensively on daily basis, evangelize and teach the word of God while they were still working in the civil service. This gave birth to the gospel ministry.

He held the church’s first service in their apartment at Ita Amodu in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria in December 1982 with only few people in attendance who have been mightily blessed and impacted through them. The congregation moved from this location to three other different locations before settIing in the present auditorium of about 2000 seat sanctuary called New Testament Christian Mission International Headquarters, Ilorin. He has been pioneering the planting of several satellite and branch churches together with a team of elders and church workers in the organization since 1982.

In 1993, he had a definite call of God to leave his career as an Economic Development Planner in the Governor’s office of Kwara State Government Ilorin, Nigeria to preach Christ to the world. He obeyed the Lord by voluntarily retiring from Kwara State Civil Service that same year as Acting Director of Budget and Planning.

Moses Rahaman Popoola holds a B. Sc. Degree in Geology (ABU, Zaria), post graduate degree in Economic Planning (ISVE, Italy) and Masters in Business Administration (Unilorin).

He is deeply involved in Christ centered evangelism, church planting, discipleship and leadership development. He has a television ministry across several states in Nigeria. He preaches on international channels also. He has authored a number of Christ centered and life-transforming publications that have been having great impact on readers’ lives. He has deep compassion to win the lost to Christ and help them to grow in Christ.

A much sought- after conference speaker who has impacted millions of people to pursue a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Moses Rahaman Popoola and his wife Florence are blessed with four children and grand children. They live in Ilorin, Nigeria.

He regularly counsels and prays for people and is available from Monday to Friday of every week after 10.00am on his Mobile number: +2348033943079 and Email: .

The Mission

Our purpose has been set forth in fourfold directives:

  • To tell the good news of the grace of God to the world.
  • To teach Christ to every man in all wisdom in order to present them perfect in Christ.
  • To train and equip strong leaders in every area of the Body of Christ to impact the world.
  • To plant Christ centered churches in urban centers and raise disciples to infiltrate their society with the life of Christ, the greatest antidote to the prevailing corruption and perverseness in the world. Some human, financial and material resources raised in these centers are utilized to penetrate the country side as well as cross cultures with the gospel of Christ by planting gospel churches.This we believe is the best strategy under heaven for holistic rescue of lost souls into the kingdom of God.

We have been about this mission for several years and by His grace have steadily grown and established branch churches in cities, towns and villages in Nigeria and foreign countries.

Upcoming Event

All creation will be able to separate us that is in Jesus Christ our Lord.
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