We care about you

Come unite with other men of God in this fellowship. The Men fellowship has a strong emphasis on discipleship, the family life, missions and equipping believers to fulfill their God given destinies. We meet for social and spiritual interaction every month in the church or a special location. Men’s Advance Interdenominational Conference holds every year in November to impact other men in the body of Christ and the society.

For more details Contact H.B. Aremu Phone no: +2348056459392


The women fellowship meets on monthly basis with a strong emphasis on helping individual members find, follow and fulfill their destinies in the family, church and community. The fellowship has many units, which are Intercessory, Evangelism, Prison and Remand Home, Visitation, Welfare, Widow and Aged care, Antenatal care, Ministry to the Barren, church care and Decoration, Women choir etc. The Women Fellowship holds Interdenominational Conferences annually; these are Ladies’ Conference in June and Ministers’ wives and female leaders’ conference in October.

For more details Contact Florence .M. Popoola Phone no: +2348033825764


We believe each child is a treasure; a uniquely special gift from God. We understand and share your desire for a safe and nurturing environment for your children and are committed to providing the best care for each of them.

We believe that this age offers an important window of opportunity for developing a life – long foundation in the love of God. We treasure the opportunity to partner with you during this early stage of your child’s life.

We are committed to minister God’s love to each child while they are with us, helping each one to establish the foundational principle that God is good and that He loves them. We are working to train children up in the ways of the Lord by focusing on fundamental Biblical principles in a practical and culturally relevant way. By this, we can transform the world for Christ. We look forward to serving your family.

For more details on our children programme and annual children camp contact Mrs. M.M. Buoye Phone No: +2347035237844


Each of us makes choices and takes steps that determine our future. Right choices are made when you know who you are in Christ. This spiritual knowledge influences what you do and why you do it. Right choices lead to Right steps, and Right steps lead to Right direction (Ps 1:1-2).

Hence our purpose is to impact the lives of our teenagers (Age 12-19); help them develop personal relationship with Christ, know who they are in Christ and walk out their faith on a daily basis until the life of Christ becomes their very nature (Gal.2:20). This will help them to overcome teenage challenges in this advanced technological age with its attended vices and challenges e.g. drugs, alcoholism, pornography, abortion, cultism, etc.

The teen discipleship forum which holds second Monday of every month puts strong emphasis on developing personal intimacy with God, success in academics, obedience to God- ordained authorities, building healthy relationships with people etc. Born again teens are also encouraged to participate and be involved in the life and ministries of the local church.

Teen ministry holds conferences every year at Easter to reach out to teens all walks of life. Contact Bisi Adekeye Phone No: +2348035243948 for more details.

Our aim is to see the youth generation establish a growing healthy relationship with their Creator and with one another by teaching them the word of God with the help of the Holy Spirit. Age range is 20-29 years. Singles above this age also belong to this group.

Our youth ministry puts a very strong emphasis also on entrepreneurship, leadership and good governance to prepare them for self employment and efficient and godly leadership in the future. The youth discipleship forum meets once every month to address practical issues. Youths are also exposed to short-term mission work during Easter holidays. “Wisdom for Singles” conference holds in December every year to address spiritual, marital, academic and career issues. This interdenominational conference is normally attended by thousands of youths from tertiary institutions and secular life.

Different units like Prison Evangelism, Hospital Evangelism, Visitation, Intercessory, Decoration & church and Pastoral care, Campus Evangelism etc. are created to help them exercise their spiritual gifts inside the local assembly and reach out to the community on weekly basis.

Contact Brother God’s-help E. Phone No: +23467448464 for more details


We want you to grow

House care centres are established in members’ houses in every city where the NTCM is located. People in these centres meet Sunday evenings between 5pm and 7pm for prayer, care of one another, social interactions, to discuss pastors’ sermon and to reach out to the communities with the gospel of Christ’s love. At this level, many people have the opportunity to exercise their spiritual gifts by serving and grow in Christ.
You also can surrender your residence for this fellowship to use or find out the closest center to your house and participate. If you are interested, contact F.T. Adeoti Phone No: +2348035142071

Members of the congregation meet in classes according to age, sex, marital status and languages every Sunday morning 9.00am-10.00am to study the scriptures for deeper knowledge of Christ and spiritual growth. They interact and make friends for emotional, social, physical and spiritual supports. Outreaches to the community are organized by each group twice a year. It is always an exciting and wonderful time. lnterested persons to contact F.M. Popoola. Phone No: +2348033825764

Leader: Nanle Samuel | Phone No: +2347061651744 | Dates & Time: varies
The media team covers all church programs, edits, produces the audio and video tapes and CDs and markets same. They organize and prepare our jingles as well as package New Testament Voice aired on presently 10 Nigeria TV stations, MITV, Messiah channels and Calvary network television. If you have an interest in media, sign up with the team leader.

Group Leader: ‘Bode Oyeyemi | Phone No: +2348033851703 | Dates & Time: Every service day, and pre-conference periods.
The unit produces, distributes, markets and sells Christian literature items, through the internet, book shops and during conferences. If you want to get involved in this business, contact the leader for further details.

Group Leader: Felicia T. Adeoti | Phone No: +2348035142071 | Dates & Time: Sunday mornings, Wednesday and Friday evenings.
Members of this team regularly minister to the Lord and His saints during worship services. They also minister during special programmes, crusades, conferences, weddings, burial programmes etc. They hold musical outreach (concert) annually to proclaim Christ’s love. They meet for training on Tuesdays, and rehearsal on Thursdays and Saturdays. If you are considering becoming part of the NTCM worship team or choir, we invite you to sign up with the team leader.

Group Leader: David Are | Phone No: +2348134717455 | Dates & Time: Sunday morning, Wednesday and Fridays evenings.
Ushering is a vital part of helping people connect with the church as well as maintaining orderliness and the security of lives and properties of worshipers in the church and the church properties. The unit is made of committed men and women among who are ex-service men. If you are interested, sign up with the leader.

Group Leader: Annanfi Risikat. | Phone No: +2348062260083 | Dates & Time: As needed
Sign up with the team leader if you would like to periodically help with the upkeep of the church.

Group Leader: M.M. Buoye | Phone No: +2347035237844 | Dates & Time: Sunday mornings, Wednesday and Friday evenings
Jesus said; we should let the little children come to Him, and that we need to receive the Kingdom like a little child. That means that God values kids, and it shows how important it is to minister to them. If you have a heart to serve and love children, this is the place for you.

Group Leader: Ajileye Samuel Sunday. | Phone No: +2348033703012 | Dates & Time: Varies
If you have a heart to represent NTCM and pastor Popoola by answering the calls of people, responding to our television program, you can apply to be a part of our phone center volunteers. Duties include praying with people, taking orders, and connecting callers with our materials. There is an application and training process associated with this group.

Group Leader: Bisi Adekeye | Phone No: +2348035243948 | Dates & Time: Monthly
Do you enjoy sharing the love of Christ with teens? Do you desire or have the potential to speak life changing words into young people? The teen church ministry might be right for you! We always need more help, so sign up with the leader.

Group Leader: Osuolale S. O. | Phone No: +2347039141411 | Dates & Time: Monthly
The youth are full of visions for the future; they are wonderful resource in the kingdom of heaven. If you have a heart to work among them to motivate and help them channel their energy and dynamism in the service of God and to positively affect the society, contact the leader.

Group Leader: B. A. Olorunleke | Phone No: +2348035651200 | Dates & Time: Varies
This group is in charge of procurement and storage of relevant items, organizing and monitoring the cooking and serving of meals at all our conferences. If you have a gift or heart to serve in this group, sign up with the leader.

Group Leader: M. O. Aiyedun | Phone No: +2348058345559 | Dates & Time: Monthly
This unit takes charge of spiritual, emotional and physical care of widows (young and old) and aged women. Should you be interested to serve in this capacity, get in contact with the leader.

Group Leader: F.O.Oyeyemi | Phone No: +2347035721277 | Dates & Time: Monthly and as may be required.
This unit assesses and meets the needs of the underprivileged members of the church on behalf of the mission. The team is drawn from different gender and age groups in the church.

Group Leader: M.R.Popoola | Phone No: +2348033943079 | Email: | Dates & Time: Every Tuesday 10.00am -5.00pm.
We listen to peoples’ problems and questions and respond by pointing them to Christ using the scriptures and praying for them to relief their burdens and solve their problems as directed by the Holy Spirit. If you need counseling or want to serve in this unit, contact the leader.


Group Leader: Ade-Jimoh M.K. | Phone No: +2347032610151 | Dates & Time: July evenings and as may be required.
Produces plays and playlets to demonstrate and make clear God-given gospel messages for the benefit of the masses. If you are interested in this group, sign up with the leader.

Group Leader: Ogunrinola S. O. | Phone No: +2348032197523 | Dates & Time: Sunday mornings and afternoons.
This unit maps out, surveys and plants gospel churches in unreached or non- Christian rural settings. They reach out to inhabitants through social concerns like establishment of schools, free mobile clinics, film shows, sinking of wells for the community etc. Sign up with the leader if you have a heart for evangelism, discipleship and church planting in rural areas.

Group Leader: E. B. Madu | Phone No: +2348066526787 | Dates & Time: First Thursday of every month at 5.00pm.
This unit attends to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of expectant mothers till delivery. The unit comprises of Health officers, such as Doctors and nurses who minister to pregnant women from within and without the fold. If you want to take advantage of the service or want to serve with your medical profession in this unit, sign up with the leader.


Group Leader: J. J. Buoye | Phone No: +2348055614266 | Dates & Time: Tuesday of every week at 5.00pm.
Comprises of matured spiritual leaders in the mission with ability to discern, guide and help our youth make correct choice of life partner and go through a successful, Godly courtship, engagement and wedding. They also provide premarital and post marital counseling to believers free of charge. If you are interested, contact the leader.

Group Leader: Afolabi Oye | Phone No: +2348032348262 | Dates & Time: Monthly
Men, women & young adults with passion for social deviants visit the prisons, remand home and borstal Institution to share and demonstrate the love of Christ to the inmates. They lead many to salvation as they present the gospel of God’s love and grace as well as follow up inmates after discharge to ensure continuity in their walk with God and provide needed physical or material assistance.

Group Leader: Olukoya L. O. | Phone No: +2347036901003 | Dates & Time: Monthly
The sick are visited, prayed for, won for Christ and assisted in necessary areas through many private and public health centres. Great testimonies of divine interventions in healing and salvation attend the visits. If you have a heart to minister to the sick, you can sign up with the team leader.

Group Leader: Ademola Adeyemi | Phone No: +2348027489912 | Dates & Time: Every Sunday and as may be required.
Free gospel tracts which make the gospel of God’s love, mercy and grace simple for people to understand and embrace are written, printed and then shared by individuals and in groups daily and periodically.

Group Leader: ‘Bode Oyeyemi | Phone No: +2348033851703 | Dates & Time: 7.00am -8.00am every Sunday.
This is a unique group that goes out Sunday morning to share gospel literatures and invite people to church for worship. If you are interested, sign up with the leader.

Group Leader: Adefila J. O. | Phone No: +2348037289590 | Dates & Time: Quarterly
Internal auditors serve to keep the mission’s finance and the material possessions under check and balances. Sign up with the leader if you want to serve with your profession as an auditor.

Group Leader: J. O . Adeoti | Phone No: +2348033903124 | Dates & Time: All year round
A vast land mass under construction but with enough facilities to hold conferences of about five thousand participants has been provided by Christ. Located at Olooru, along Lagos- Jebba express Road, it’s been hosting our major life transforming and leadership development conferences over the past five years. Other denominations within Christ’s body have also been taking advantage of it. The unit is in charge of the management and operation of the camp. If you want to use the camp for spiritual retreat or serve in this unit, contact the leader.

Group Leader: F. T. Adeoti | Phone No: +2348035142071 | Dates & Time: Everyday
Different arms and aspects of the ministry are ministered to through intercessory prayers by different groups and bands every day. The unit gives prayer support to our mission work, Evangelism, TV outreach, church planting, discipleship, leadership development and our spiritual leaders. They raise their voices up to God also for our nation and other countries of the world. Sign up with the leader if you are interested in intercessory labour.

Group Leader: Olorunleke B. A | Phone No: +2348035651200 | Dates & Time: Sundays from 9.00am to 1.00pm
Receives, assesses the spiritual state, counsels and establish links for possible integration and/or constant follow up of new comers.

Group leader: Jide Agboola | Phone No: +2348061672029 | Dates & Time: Sunday mornings, Wednesday, every fellowship meeting etc.
This unit is concerned with the electrification, power supply and sound system for all our meetings and conferences. They also see to the maintenance and security of our electrical equipment and materials. If you have the skill and heart to work in this unit, you can connect with the leader.

Group Leader: F. M. Popoola | Phone No: +2348033825764 | Dates & Time: Quarterly
This comprises of male and females, biological, adopted and spiritual children of clergy men/women and lay church workers; they may be children, teenagers, youth, single or married –no age limit. This forum is an avenue for social interaction, spiritual growth, exercise and development of gifts/talents. There is ample opportunity to receive sound biblical instructions addressing not only spiritual life, but also career, academics, marital etc. all aimed at raising them as champions for Christ in every ramification of life or human endeavors. Are you a minister’s child? You are welcome on board.

Group Leader: F. M. Popoola | Phone No: +2348033825764 | Dates & Time: Saturdays 2.30pm to 4.30pm & Sundays 9.00am – 10.00am.
Do you have a burden to grow and also see believers grow spiritually? Do you have the grace of teaching the word of God in an atmosphere of friendliness and brotherly kindness, thereby impacting the people? If yes, sign up with the leader.

Group Leader: M. R. Popoola | Phone No: +2348033943079 | Dates & Time: Every Tuesday from 10.00am – 5.00pm.
The board is made of elders in charge of satellite churches in a City with the state Pastor presiding. The group sees to the day to day management of the local church in the City. They set goals, plan, execute and monitor progress of mission’s activities and evaluate progress.

Coordinator: John Oloyede
Phone No: +2348062354859
Dates & Time: Sunday evenings 5.00pm-7.00pm for 8 months.

This interdenominational in-church discipleship school is designed to help believers develop personal intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and form Christ’s life in them. The programme is free. Students however would need to own one course material (“New Life in Christ manual”) to enable them have good understanding of the discussions and do personal home study and preparation. We also have language and age groups. The spiritual transformational goals to be attained by every student is clearly shown on the Discipleship process chart. The course runs in cycle and last eight months only if candidate is consistent and committed. Application should be directed to the coordinator if you are interested.

Coordinator: A. A. Olugbemi
Phone No: +2348032289038
Dates & Time: Every Saturday, 4.00pm-7.00pm for 2years.

This is for those who have successfully completed the New Life in Christ school. The school is also in – church and serves to help the young disciple deepen his knowledge of Christ, identify his calling, prepare and equip him to follow and fulfill his ministry and destiny. This Christ-centered transformational training which is also free of charge puts emphasis on Christ-like character formation, servant spirit, team spirit, doctrinal convictions, perspectives, priorities, value systems, sacrifice, vision for discipleship, leadership etc (See Discipleship process chart.). However, you have to buy the text books which are not expensive. If you have interest, call or speak to the Coordinator.

Coordinator: M. R. Popoola
Phone No: +2348033943079
Dates & Time: February or August sessions for 4 years.

Bible College Website Address:

The college offers a good foundation in sound basic Biblical doctrines and concepts with special emphasis on the grace of God and the believer’s right standing with Him through faith in the finished work of Christ. It is our goal to prepare and equip men and women with a unique blend of the teaching of God’s word and practical “on the job training” in such a way that those trained will be forever changed and transformed, be able to train and change others with the life – giving truths they receive from God’s word (2 Tim. 2:2). The course runs intensively for a whole month in a year for four years.

For More Information and Registration Click here

Let us help others

Like Christ and Apostle Paul, this arm of the ministry gives priority to evangelism, discipleship, church planting and leadership development in urban centers. Human, spiritual, financial and material resources are then exploited and properly mobilized for the evangelization, discipleship and planting of gospel churches in rural areas. We have over 40 churches in Nigeria and overseas.
Our Church Locations are here

If you want to get involved in our urban evangelism/missions programme, contact J.O.Adefila – Phone No: +2348037289590

This arm of the ministry maps out, surveys and plants gospel churches in unreached and non-Christian rural settings. They reach out to inhabitants through social concerns like establishment of schools, free mobile clinics, film shows, sinking of wells for the community etc. Converts are then discipled to find, follow and fulfill their destinies in Christ.

This work started in Ilorin which has a population of over 1 million people. The predominant religion is Islam. Over 99% of the indigenes are Muslims. This is also typical of all the surrounding villages around the ancient city. All these communities are 99% Muslim. Evangelism is highly restricted.

The Lord has helped the church to extend her missionary activities to over 60 villages around Ilorin city and in neighboring states. These villages have been grouped into zones for effective missionary work. They are as follows: Oniyere, Balla, Lanwa, Osin and Isepo etc.

Lokoja branch of New Testament Christian Mission has planted gospel churches in some rural areas in Kogi State viz: Ojodu, Aiyegunle Gbede, Iyara, Ochadamu, Allah etc. Ibadan branch of the mission has also planted New Testament Churches in Oyo State rural areas viz: Olode, Ajagba, Idimangoro Awosan, Alata etc.

The needs for rural work are very enormous because the rural dwellers have very low income. They are as follows:

  1. Building structures for worship because most of them worship under trees.
  2. Vehicles and motor cycles for missionaries
  3. Film projectors
  4. Generating sets to supply power for film shows.
  5. Salary for missionaries.
  6. Christian films/video cassettes for evangelism and discipleship work.
  7. Bibles for young converts.
  8. Loud speakers.
  9. Amplifiers.
  10. Microphones.
  11. Megaphones.
  12. Drugs and medical equipments for rural mobile clinics etc.

If you have a heart for rural evangelism/missions and want to get involved, contact Ogunrinola S.O. Phone No: +2348032197523 Come unite with other men of God in this fellowship. The Men fellowship has a strong emphasis on discipleship, the family life, missions and equipping believers to fulfill their God given destinies. We meet for social and spiritual interaction every month in the church or a special location. Men’s Advance Interdenominational Conference holds every year in November to impact other men in the body of Christ and the society.

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