Let Us Help Others

Let us help others

Like Christ and Apostle Paul, this arm of the ministry gives priority to evangelism, discipleship, church planting and leadership development in urban centers. Human, spiritual, financial and material resources are then exploited and properly mobilized for the evangelization, discipleship and planting of gospel churches in rural areas. We have over 40 churches in Nigeria and overseas.
Our Church Locations are here

If you want to get involved in our urban evangelism/missions programme, contact J.O.Adefila – Phone No: +2348037289590

This arm of the ministry maps out, surveys and plants gospel churches in unreached and non-Christian rural settings. They reach out to inhabitants through social concerns like establishment of schools, free mobile clinics, film shows, sinking of wells for the community etc. Converts are then discipled to find, follow and fulfill their destinies in Christ.

This work started in Ilorin which has a population of over 1 million people. The predominant religion is Islam. Over 99% of the indigenes are Muslims. This is also typical of all the surrounding villages around the ancient city. All these communities are 99% Muslim. Evangelism is highly restricted.

The Lord has helped the church to extend her missionary activities to over 60 villages around Ilorin city and in neighboring states. These villages have been grouped into zones for effective missionary work. They are as follows: Oniyere, Balla, Lanwa, Osin and Isepo etc.

Lokoja branch of New Testament Christian Mission has planted gospel churches in some rural areas in Kogi State viz: Ojodu, Aiyegunle Gbede, Iyara, Ochadamu, Allah etc. Ibadan branch of the mission has also planted New Testament Churches in Oyo State rural areas viz: Olode, Ajagba, Idimangoro Awosan, Alata etc.

The needs for rural work are very enormous because the rural dwellers have very low income. They are as follows:

  1. Building structures for worship because most of them worship under trees.
  2. Vehicles and motor cycles for missionaries
  3. Film projectors
  4. Generating sets to supply power for film shows.
  5. Salary for missionaries.
  6. Christian films/video cassettes for evangelism and discipleship work.
  7. Bibles for young converts.
  8. Loud speakers.
  9. Amplifiers.
  10. Microphones.
  11. Megaphones.
  12. Drugs and medical equipments for rural mobile clinics etc.

If you have a heart for rural evangelism/missions and want to get involved, contact Ogunrinola S.O. Phone No: +2348032197523 Come unite with other men of God in this fellowship. The Men fellowship has a strong emphasis on discipleship, the family life, missions and equipping believers to fulfill their God given destinies. We meet for social and spiritual interaction every month in the church or a special location. Men’s Advance Interdenominational Conference holds every year in November to impact other men in the body of Christ and the society.

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